Kurax (Anti viral formulation)

T Stanes Kurax (Anti viral formulation)



T Stanes Bio Cure F (Trichoderma Viride) Liquid

Technical Content:Trichoderma viride.

Product Description: T Stanes Bio Cure-F is a biological fungicide which Contains Trichoderma viride.Bio Cure-F Fungicide is an eco-friendly and non-toxic product. It is safe to the beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere. Bio Cure-F increases resistance in the plant system against diseases. It does not create resistance, resurgence or residue problem and is an ‘organic certified’ product.


Seed treatment: 5 gm or ml per kg of seeds.

Seedling treatment:10-20 gm or ml per litre of water or per kg of Greenhouse potting mix.

Drip Irrigation:2.5 kg/ha or 3.0 lit/ha; Mix the product well in the required quantity of water and put it into the drip system.Sucker & Bulbs: Dip the Sucker and Bulbs in the suspension of 20gm or ml per liter of water.Soil application: 2-3 times at 7-10 days interval at 3 kg or 2.5 lit/ha in 500 kgs of organic fertilizer.


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BioCure F