Movento OD (Spirotetramat 150 OD)

Bayer Movento OD (Spirotetramat 150 OD)

Oberon (Spiromesifen 240 SC 22.9 % w/w)

Bayer Oberon (Spiromesifen 240 SC 22.9 % w/w)

Bayer Aliette Fungicide (Fosetyl Al 80 WP)

Mode of Action: Alietter is a Systemic Fungicide

Product Short Description: Bayer Aliette Fungicide is a systemic fungicide and is effective against Oomcytes fungi like downy mildew diseases of grapes and damping-off and Azhukal diseases of cardamom.True systemic action makes the application of Bayer Aliette the best prophylactic solution for downy mildew control in grape.

Dosage: Use Aliette Fungicide 3 gm per liter of water (Drenching),2gm/L of water (Spray).

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Bayer Aliette (Fosetyl Al 80 WP) Fungicide